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Our goal at Mikula Chiropractic is easy, get rid of your pain and help you live a healthier and better quality of life. If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder, knee or ankle pain, we can help.

Chiropractic Science at its best! We are proud to be one of the few chiropractic offices in our area to have acquired the PulStar™ System FRAS (Function Recording and Analysis System) . Simply put, The PulStar is used as an analysis tool as well as a treatment modality, using precisely controlled, low force, multiple impulse and gentle joint mobilization.

Whether you are new to the idea of chiropractic care or have received services elsewhere, we are committed to bringing you the best care possible. We invite you to visit our office to see and experience the value and benefits of the PulStar™ System FRAS .

At Mikula Chiropractic, we also invite you to take advantage of our massage services. Specializing in deep tissue and Swedish massage therapy, where the objective is to relax the whole body, increase the level of oxygen in the blood, decrease muscle toxins and improve circulation and flexibility.

Dr. Mikula's Office is committed to providing the highest quality of care possible to our patients!

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