Computerized Treatment

Introducing The PulStarFRAS™ System

How Is The PulStar™ Different?

PulStarFRASThe PulStar is not only used as an analysis tool, it is also a treatment modality using precisely controlled, low force, multiple impulse and gentle joint mobilization.

In the analysis mode, the PulStar™ tests each vertebra by generating a gentle mechanical impulse (light tap) and uses a sensor in the impulse head to measure each vertebra's resistance to the impulse.

When all vertebra are moving normally, their resistance is fairly equal. But if some vertebra are restricted in motion (fixated / subluxated) their resistance to the impulse is higher than the resistance of normally moving vertebra. Normal movement of each and every spinal joint is considered to be essential to good spinal function.

Will the PulStar Analysis & Treatment Hurt?

If you are in extreme pain, almost any intervention may cause some temporary discomfort. However, most patients find both analysis and treatment with the PulStar™ produces a pleasant sensation and many patients prefer the PulStar™ treatment.

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