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CDC and MSHHS guidelines

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cavemenIf you are anything like me, it is time we put up a fight. Save the words! Use them! Look up! Stop texting emoji to each other! People are not cavemen, contrary to what it may feel like when you are a woman walking down the street trying to mind your own business. We have spent centuries evolving to use words, communicate intelligently, use language skillfully and even learning how to spell.

In today's world we use the emoji, a picture or text. As a society we need to stop staring down at our smart phones and mobile devices. Our posture is regressing at an alarming rate. We had bad posture before texting,  now that texting is all we do, look out caveman, here we come.

For more information on this subject, just click here. You can also cont Dr. Mikula's office for more info as well.


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